Conversations: Sophia Kamal

Conversations: Sophia Kamal

Meet Sophia Kamal, a 27 years old Kuala Lumpur-based artist whose inspired by her own mother in involving herself in this industry. Sophia's art has been featured in several places and exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur. Not only that she has also participated in the New Year Group Exhibition 2018 by AIDA Gallery in Osaka, Japan. 


1. Who is Sophia Kamal?

Sophia is a freelance visual artist based in Kuala Lumpur. She is known for her work in fine art portraiture, exploring subjects through the lens of self-identity, exploitation, religion and feminist beauty through sensually expressed portraits that reflects her use of vibrant fluorescent colors in her work.


2. Describe the path that you are currently working on

Honestly one thing has led to another so every step I take helps illuminate the path that I am on right now. For day to day dealings I try and make very simple routines out of my everyday so I have some consistency day to day. Working from home has it perks but whenever I feel emotionally overloaded I have to discharge or follow my emotions through my body until it resolves and I feel more calm. I think its important to have a sort of balance between work and play, so I don’t stress myself that way, if I get my day goal done that day then my day is a success, if that goal involves doing something creative then my day is a miracle!


3. What does a typical day look like to you?

Practically in this order; wake up, cats, listening and dancing to music, exercise, cooking, family, friends and art.


4. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Kiss my cat good morning :3


5. The most played song to get you inspired.


Listening to music has been the most beneficial thing for me especially when it comes to making art, it articulate my feelings and turn them into somehting cooler. I can’t name a song that I frequently listen to because there’s so many good ones now especially with Spotify.


6. Pet peeves?

When my acrylic paint dries up before I could use them.


7. One staple wardrobe piece you cannot live without.

I seriously can’t go out without my gold hoop earrings or any earrings for some reason.


8. Out of all the artworks you have done, which one is close to your heart. Why?


As a creator, I can’t possibly describe how much a single painting means to me, there’s just no words to express because it’s that personal and every painting has it’s own back story, inspirations and childhood memories. Even after moving on from one painting to another, I’m always comparing how each paintings are unique and tells different messages in their own way. They’re all very special to me and I feel like a proud mama every time I look at them.


9. 3 self-care rituals you live by.


The most essential thing about self-care is self-love. Be kind to yourself, even when a situation seems bad or scary you should always be gentle and patient with yourself. Regular exercises really help me put things in perspective be it jogging or cycling I need to get my body moving and it helps calm me down a lot. And lastly, drink a lot of water not only it keeps you hydrated it also keeps your skin healthier I always have a huge tumblr with me at all times so I’m constantly reminded to stay hydrated especially when I’m taking a break like watching the tv and such.

10. Where do you find inspirations?

I'm inspired by my own experiences from traveling, being in nature, going to art exhibitions, revisiting memories, Disney cartoons, anime, fairy tales, stage lighting at theaters, the cinematography in films, plants and flowers. Some of my artistic influences are Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Francis bacon and so many more


11. What is your personal opinion on the local fashion scene? 

For me, style is something that comes naturally and in Malaysia its really difficult to pull a jacket look because its so freaking hot so naturally the more i venture into trying new style of clothes the more i feel more comfortable and confident. Through trying out and getting to know more brands and clothing styles i learned what work and what was true to me. I think fashion is something that you cannot force but something you grow into with experience.


12. Advice for beginners who wants to venture in the creative scene


Don’t quit halfway on any project/job and always give it 150% because it’s not going to be easy but it will def be worth it.


13. What would you tell your 17 year old self?

No regrets gurrrr


Photos courtesy of Sophia Kamal Instagram: @sophiakamal

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