Oh Sebenar Tries: Episode 1

At Oh Sebenar, we try to document personal joys and hardships, capturing moments big and small, and we reveal this side of ourselves through our candid conversations, which often happen over a cup of Iced Chocolate.We spend our childhood hearing “Come and try this!” As our parents rush to sign us up for after-school activities. But as we grow older, the phrase retires, and the responsibility that comes with being an #adult creeps in.

For us, we acknowledge we often get caught up with work responsibilities and everything else in between. And by the time we realise, it’s already hard to branch out of our comfort zone.That’s when we had a light-bulb moment:- Oh Sebenar Tries!


Every month, one of us takes turns picking an activity that has never been done before that we can do together. And this month, Lydia chose Surf Skate at Putrajaya Skate Park! Do you think we did well? Let the pictures do the talking!


 Our thoughts?

We ask ourselves:

“Wait, should I be doing this?”

“Can I even do this?”

“Do I look silly?!”



While it may not feel like it, this feeling is normal and there’s nothing quite like or as memorable as the thrill of a new experience.

 If you are open to trying new things, do give Surf Skate a try. We registered for a free Surf Skate class conducted by @carverskateboards_malaysia and are lucky to have Sarah @sarahsurfx to guide us.


When was the last time you tried something new? Share with us! 






Photos : Nadine Jasmine & Lydia Amalina

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