OS Conversations: Dhaniya Illiani

OS Conversations: Dhaniya Illiani

1. Who is Dhaniya Illiani?

A fashion graduate and visual artist who loves to experiment and explore her identity through different mediums of art. Newly appointed Art Editor for MulaZine. On a closer observation, I'm just a girl who is very curious and spends much time daydreaming, although I make up for it by bringing them into life.

2. Can you describe your personal style?

Experimental, clashing of prints and colors and topped off with a bucket hat. My style is quite rebellious, it’s never one thing - treating myself as a canvas, carelessly throwing on things I can correlate with regardless whether they harmonize together or don’t.


3. What does a typical day look like to you?

Sourcing materials for my projects while looking out for places to shoot. Sketching the little things that play in my mind, meeting my girls or some of my peers for a chill session and still finding the time to disturb my cat’s frequent naps.


4. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Water, I drink a lot in the morning. It helps start my day!


5. What do you love/hate about social media?

The easiest way to get my work out plus the exposure brings a lot of opportunities. Love that it serves as a bridge for creatives all over to connect and share their work. I can easily peek into their lives, perspective and process which is inspiring and I value the differing opinions and interpretations of my work from people from all walks of life.

Everything is so fast paced now, there is a demand for fast if not instant results which robs the thrill of the wait and can be distressing to one’s creative health.

The over-saturation of information and craze for fame instead of genuine work to express and grow as an individual is another worrying thing to see.

6. One staple wardrobe piece you cannot live without

Bucket hats! 

7. How do you first get involved with the fashion industry? And share us your honest opinion on the local fashion scene.

I’m more into the art scene, but I wanted to work more with people, fabric play and conceptual photography which the world of fashion provided. My sister herself is involved in the scene, so naturally, some part of me has always known I’ll find myself in between.

We definitely don’t have a shortage of good talents in the local fashion scene, although most aren’t taking the leap to step out of their comfort zone to challenge new horizons in their work - understandably, partly because there isn’t much of a demand for something that’s ‘different’ here. It’s disheartening to see them flocking overseas to get recognized before their unconventional flair can be truly celebrated here.

8. What or who influences your work?

My environment, state of mind - being and my peers are what inspires my work, i especially love seeing ordinary things in a new light and perspective, nothing is just one thing, everything is embedded with multiple potential and it’s fulfilling to see something common transform into something new altogether.


9. When looking at the current fashion industry, what do you think that needs to change? Tell us why.

Our scene as a whole needs to be more conscious in intention and in design. It’s not just a form of business, fashion at its core is an art form and i feel that the lines have been blurred here based on what's been pushed under the limelight is the hype and fame over celebrating the genuine expression of identity and the artistry of individuals.

We need a professional body of people or a fashion council who has an extensive apprehension of fashion based on a social and cultural context to foresee, educate and share collective knowledge in the sector. It helps to bring a fairness in providing an opportunity to new upcoming talents and encourages the growth of a wider design scene in the industry. There’s a long way to go, but it’s progressing.


10. The most played song to get you inspired

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee / Raingurl Yaeji

11. Advice for beginners who wants to venture in this creative scene

Failure is another word for progress, always take hiccups as a crucial step in your growth towards where you want to be. Be honest in your craft. Try not to stick to working just among your clique you can have favorites but always strive to work with others to learn new tricks in your craft, so be open to new things! Have confidence in what you do and know your worth.  -- Very important!

12. Favorite city to travel to

Yet to have a favorite city, the closest at the moment would be Tokyo, probably be knocked down if I visited Berlin.


13. What are your plans for future projects?

Exploring more on conceptualizing shoots, films, installation projects and starting a small custom clothing line of my own to combine both my effort in art and in the fashion altogether.

14. One word that describes Dhaniya Illiani



Photos courtesy of Dhaniya Instagram: @dhanilliani

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