The Collection: Sebenarnya

The Collection: Sebenarnya

The phrase Sebenarnya stands for Truth Is. We wanted to showcase the realness of this festive season. A beautiful, chaotic mess often lurks behind every picture-perfect family portrait. Oh Sebenar exposes the reality behind the happy event where burnt food and shattered plates are worth celebrating. Any Raya celebration would be incomplete without one key feature: the gathering of friends and relatives. Raya, like other seasonal festivities during the year, is something everyone always looks forward to. Raya time has a special feel to it that is both inviting and nostalgic. This year and last year's Hari Raya were bound to be different from the normal Hari Raya that we used to experience — full of festivities and gatherings. But that doesn't mean it couldn't be special and meaningful nevertheless. Thus, came along the Sebenarnya Collection that made us reminisce about the old good times because we took the chaos for granted and now we miss it.  


We're excited to show off this collection because it means so much to us, and we hear you. Oh Sebenar is thrilled to announce that this is our first size-inclusive Eid 2021 collection that includes the Lebar series in this year's range, allowing plus-size women to shop stylish clothing. From UK6 to UK28, we have a size for you. 


The pieces are called Senna, Sophia, Suri, Sahra and Salma. They are different designs that complement one another. Just like how Raya is a celebration of family, all the pieces' names start with the letter ‘S’ to further implicate they are sisters. The new “normal” has made this festive season different from the years before. Thus, this collection is designed for a stay-at-home Raya yet it is a practical design for a chaotic celebration as well.


The collection's designs were created with care, with a focus on breathable fabrics like cotton linen, so that users may comfortably celebrate Raya despite the hot, humid weather we're used to. Oh Sebenar's collection features light layers in earthy tones that have been updated with new palettes and materials. The classic pieces are also easy to layer, so they're excellent for mix-and-match.


This year's Raya video campaign shows a family's togetherness and celebrations during Raya. However, as we all know, a good Raya celebration necessitates a great deal of planning, cleaning, and hard work. Realistically, the holiday is not always a breeze, and it can be very hectic and tragic at times.


The Sebenarnya Video Campaign









Special thanks to our sponsors who made this shoot a success:

Cooisine’s Ceramic Pots are your perfect kitchen companion to cook your Raya dish.


Mr Bakes Cookies made our raya spread sweeter with their soft-baked sea salt tahini chocolate chip cookies 


Jasmine’s feeling peachy with Irsa The Label Kids Apparel


Mowgli Store spicing up our Eid outfit with their iconic Harta Karun Collection


Always on-the-go with Nush Secret’s Shoes


Create your dream home with Joy Design Studio Furniture


Get your male family members to wear Shals Men’s Apparel to mix-and-match with your Oh Sebenar’s raya theme

Behind The Scene of Sebenarnya Video Campaign






Director: Nadine Jasmine 

Assisting Director: Cheryl 

Photographer: Haziq Farhan 

Videographer: Farna Syhida 

BTS: Capek 

Lighting & Equipment: Syamil Ng


Aunty Helia 

Syazwina Roslin 


Alia Soraya 

Halisha Halim

Pak Dewa

Written by: Najihah Moideen

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