Sebenar Scenes with LUNARIA

Sebenar Scenes with LUNARIA

This week, we invited the LUNARIA girls over to the Sebenar Studio for a mini styling session to check out how the Off Duty Collection can be worn during chill weeknight meetups, a dressier rendezvous, university lectures -- you name it!

Having pieces that can suit the routine of a city like Kuala Lumpur is vital, which is essentially the inspiration behind the transitional pieces of the Off Duty collection. The Off Duty collection is comprised of neutral and earthy tones, which is reflective of a girl like Tee, resilient and warm.  

[ Tee from LUNARIA ]

Over at Oh Sebenar, comfort and versatility in key! As Oh Sebenar strives to modernize the fashion scene, these classic Off Duty pieces are made complementary to any modern wear.



[ maia cover up ]

With the Maia Cover Up in terracotta, it transforms her basic white tee and jeans look into something more majestic with the pop of color. Moreover, it can be styled as either a dress of a cardigan – what a plus!


[ kaia top ]


This Kaia top is an Oh Sebenar favorite! Here, Tee challenges the conventional button up into a one off-shoulder apparel. This really elevates the look even more with the flared sides, adjusted with the golden button detail! Its a win win!


[ sara shirt ]


The Sara Shirt adapts in both formal and informal settings, so it can be worn as occasion wear and casual wear. Tee styled it with faded jeans, a cross-body bag and statement earrings.  The minimal design of the Sara shirt gives way for Tee to accessorize and add a personal touch to her outfit. Here, Tee chose to personalize it with bold bubble slip-ons and an adorable pair of statement earrings.


[ petra dress ]


Like the Sara Shirt, the Petra Classic Dress in olive can be dressed up with heels for a regal feel and dressed down with sneakers for maximum comfort. The hue of the green olive also expresses a whimsical sense, which is undeniably so elegant. As seen on Tee, she chose to wear the dress with white sneakers to make sure she survives till the end of a long working day while also still looking sophisticated. 

The key to personalizing your outfit lies within the minimal nature of Oh Sebenar pieces! Ultimately, the piece worn by the individual displays more than just a physical statement but also a sense of identity.

Thanks to the LUNARIA girls for taking part in this styling session over at Sebenar Studio.


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