Five Favourites: Sensory Edition

Five Favourites: Sensory Edition

We have been away for quite some time, but fret not! For this month, we are bringing back our 5 favourites of the month with a twist; It’s based on our 5 senses! In conjunction with our Independence Day, here are our top five local favourites that you can keep a lookout for. Let us know what is your personal favourite of the month down below! 




Credit: @sarrah.salihan via Instagram

For some, Sarrah Salihan is no stranger. She has been active in the Malaysian’s debating scene since she was in high school. Now, people recognize her for being a women’s advocate as well as the mind behind the book Sunflowers from Sarrah, a collection of short stories, proses and poems that are crafted beautifully while encompassing meaningful messages. 

A while back, Sarrah Salihan was invited as one of the speakers for TEDxYouth@SKIS, where she talked about empowering women and advocating for equal rights. We were astonished by the message she was spreading! In case you missed it, below is her awe-inspiring speech! 







Credit: @pastel.lite via Instagram

Pastel Lite is an Indie Electronic Pop duo hailing from the heart of Subang. Eff Hakim and Mohd Faliq continue to be experimental with their sounds, combining electronic melodies with their unique harmonic vocals. Signed under Yuna Room Records, their music is a balance of English and Malay tunes that will make your body sway and twirl! 

Supporting some of the most notable artists such as The XX and Tame Impala, Pastel Lite is definitely a duo you wouldn’t want to miss! Being one of the household names in the scene, they have made their mark locally as well as internationally, from Good Vibes Festival to Laneway Festival!  If you are new to the band, here is a list of our favourite tunes from them.






Not to mention, we are head over heels with Lilin+Co candles! Our favourite scent for this month is Strawberries & Champagne! This fruity-scented candle makes it suitable for any occasion - be it a dinner date, or just for your daily night scent! This soy candle is priced at RM20 for 65 grams and RM65 for 170grams, which is definitely a bang for your buck while being safe for the environment! 




If you want to step back in time to the glory days of kopitiams then Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock is the answer! Emerging into the Malaysian dining scene back in 2013, they have successfully expanded to five outlets and are in the works of opening more outlets soon! Known for their unsophisticated menu of local favourites, they aspire to always instil the message of unity of Malaysians with their delicacies. 


The OS Gals went to one of their outlets to try for ourselves their offerings! This outlet is located in Publika, which is just 10 minutes away from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We tried their signature Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Chicken Rendang as well as their Soto. Overall, it certainly brought us back down to memory lane. Imagine yourself running to your school's canteen during recess to get a meal like this. That's what it felt like!





Most of us have the same struggle. We want to be plant parents but we don’t have the necessary knowledge and equipment to start our journey. With Tiny Forest’s DIY Terrarium Kits, you can easily craft your own terrarium without a hassle! For only as low as RM80, Tiny Forest will deliver you a package that has everything you need -- succulents, tools to even pebbles and soil to craft your terrarium. Regardless of age, crafting a terrarium at the comfort of your home has never been easier!


Written by Farah Amelia

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